About Christ Community

We are a community loved by God, learning to love Him and our neighbor more in our everyday life.

Communicate the Gospel:

Declaring and embodying the Good News of who God is, and what He has done for us and the world. Since this is primarily seen in the person and work of Jesus, we will spend much time learning and talking about him.

Sunday gatherings are the primary context that this element will take place; as we worship through music, read through Scripture, teach and talk through books of the Bible, partake of communion, and have times of prayer.


Connect the Gospel:

In relationship, we seek to connect and apply what we believe about God and how He designed us to function in our everyday lives.

In homes, neighborhoods, and communities are the primary contexts where this element takes place. It could be as we share a meal with a friend or neighbor, gather with others in our home for a time of intentional conversation and prayer, have a conversation with a coworker, or attend a community event.

Cody and Rachael Harris

Cody and Rachael hail from the soggy Pacific Northwest; Cody from the Tacoma area and Rachael from a small town outside of  Olympia called Tenino. Although they are from Washington, they have had opportunities to serve at churches in Utah and  California as well. After returning to Washington(now with three adorable kids: Lily, Daisy, and Jude), they began to wonder if God would have them plant a church one day. A few years and many prayers later, they felt called by God to move back to St. George,  with the hopes to eventually plant a church. If you asked them, “Why St. George?”, they would tell you, “We love the people and want them to know Jesus.” They would, also, probably invite you to their home for dinner.


A Gathering of diverse individuals at different places in their spiritual formation, who come together to reflect on and respond to who Jesus is and what He has done for us and the world.

This may involve times of music, reading of scripture, talks about Jesus, and personal reflection.

Anyone is welcome. Some folks that attend would call themselves Christians, while others may not, and some might say that they are still searching. Regardless, we believe that God loves people right where they are at, and we try to do the same. Therefore, our desire is to be a soft place to land and give people the space they need to process and even wrestle with the truth of Jesus and what He invites us to be a part of.

It depends on your definition of Church. If that definition is along the lines that church is a religious institution that focuses on behavior, then we are not. Because we see it in the New Testament, we would say that the Church is a people, not a thing or a place. The people that form the church love Jesus and follow him together. This community of Jesus followers regularly gathers together to celebrate the goodness and glory of God, while looking to reach, invite, equip others to do the same.

By that definition, we are a Church.

We would define ourselves as a Classical, Christian Church, not affiliated with any specific denomination.


Jesus Being the Center

Since Jesus is the Savior, we want people to be attracted to Jesus, captivated by His love and changed into His image.

Gospel Being the Message

Since the Gospel changes us, we want the Good News of who God is and what He has done for us in Jesus to radically change our perspective and affect our actions. 

Scripture Being the Authority

Since the Bible is the inspired Word of God, we want to be informed, equipped, and directed by it as we teach from and submit to it.

Holy Spirit Being the Power

Since the Holy Spirit is at work, we want to submit to His leading in our church, depend on His illumination for our growth, and trust in His power to change our hearts and others.

Community Being the Context 

Since God created us for community, we want to operate and flourish in that space through authentic relationships, gospel conversations, and intentional service.

Mission Being the Motivation

Since we are missionaries, we want to find relational and creative ways to communicate the gospel as we sincerely love and serve those around us who don’t know Jesus.